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Profile Artist Idol Idola Lorenzo Lamas

Name: Lorenzo Lamas
Birth Name: Lorenzo Lamas y de Santos
Height: 6' 2"
Sex: M

Nationality: American
Birth Date: January 20, 1958
Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, USA
Profession: Actor
Education: Admiral Farragut Academy (graduated in 1975)

Husband/Wife: Shauna Sand Lamas (actress; born September 2, 1971; married April 27, 1996; divorced 2002), Kathleen Kinmont (actress; born February 3, 1965; married January 20, 1989; divorced 1993), Michelle Smith (actress; married 1983-1985), Victoria Hilbert (married
Relationship: Daphne Ashbrook (actress; born January 30, 1963)
Father: Fernando Lamas (actor; born January 9, 1915; died October 8, 1982)
Mother: Arlene Dahl (actress; born August 11, 1928)

Half Brother: Carole Holmes McCarthy (mother: Arlene Dahl; father: Chris Holmes), Rounsevelle Andreas 'Sonny' Schaum (mother: Arlene Dahl; father: Rounsevelle W. Schaum)
Step Mother: Esther Williams
Son: Alvaro Joshua Lamas (model; born December 1983; mother: Michelle Smith)
Daughter: Isabella Lorenza Lamas (born February 2, 2001; mother: Shauna Sand), Victoria Lamas (born April 24, 1999; mother: Shauna Sand Lamas), Alexandra Lynne (born November 22, 1997; mother: Shauna Sand Lamas), Shayne Dahl Lamas (born November 6, 1985; moth
Cousin: Diana Lamas (actress; born April 30, 1970)
Claim to fame: As the falsely accused cop Reno Raines, in syndicated series Renegade (1992-1997)

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